Legal Aid for Survivors of Sexual Assault (LASSA)

LASSA attorneys provide sexual assault survivors with legal information and advice about legal issues that may arise following a sexual assault. Callers may remain anonymous, if they wish, and still receive information about crime victim’s rights, housing, employment, immigration, education and safety planning. Callers who are ready to pursue legal remedies may be asked for more information so they can receive case-specific legal advice and possible representation.

Eligibility Guidelines:

Clients must be a survivor of sexual assault to receive services.

Contact Information:

The LASSA hotline is answered by attorneys seven days a week. Please call 1-844-303-SAFE (7233).

LASSA Frequently Asked Questions

What is sexual assault?

Sexual assault is any sexual contact that makes you feel uncomfortable, pressured, or forced.

When I call, is it confidential?

All calls are strictly confidential.

Do I have to identify myself?

No. You may remain anonymous. However, identifying information is necessary for those who wish to receive extensive services.

Can I call if I have not reported to the police?

Yes, definitely.

How much does it cost?

Our services are free. There is no charge.

Can I call after regular hours?

We are available in the evenings and on weekends.

Will I speak to an attorney immediately?

Yes, an attorney will answer your call and be able to discuss your issue and needs.

What do I do if I call and no one is there?

IF you would feel safe receiving a return phone call or message from one of our attorneys, please leave your name and phone number so one of our attorneys can return your call as soon as possible.

Can I call for a friend?

Yes, you may.

I have other issues because of the sexual assault. Can you help me with those too?

We can assist with many issues and help you identify available resources.

My sexual assault happened at my apartment complex. I want to move, but I have a lease. What do I do?

Call us. There are provisions to help in such situations.

Is my school campus supposed to make accommodations for me as a victim?

Yes. We can help you understand what your rights are.